Cooking On His 25ft Rig , Big Papa Smoke'M Smokes Rustic & Authentic Barbecue. 

The Infamous 25ft Rig


 New Jersey's premier purveyor of fine American smoked meats. Serving everything from private events to community gatherings with Chef/Pitmaster Mario Chape'.

#Follow The Smoke
— Big Papa Smoke'm



It doesn't matter whether or not you follow the smoke down University Place in New York City during a summer street festival or if your boss decides to splurge at the next company picnic and has the all out 25ft Barbecue setup, folks in our neck of the woods have yearned for.

One thing is for sure, you'll be glad you found Big Papa. His set up is only complemented by his easy going personality and trendy wording like "Groovy" and "Awesome." Big Papa Smoke'M Gourmet Smoked Meats began its journey 3 years ago and there hasn't been any looking back. 

Since then, Big Papa has been serving both quality authentic interpretations of classic smoked meats and daring new ventures into the uncharted territories of Barbecue In North Jersey.

"Many New Jerseyans live in places where they are feel unable to make healthy food choices. Its is by utilizing existing networks of natural and antibiotic free foods that can have a positive impact on changing this. We at Big Papa Smokem Gourmet BBQ driven and dedicated to providing "Quality" food that supports this initiative. Please take a moment to join our cause.




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